9 TI-36X Pro Calculator Tips and Tricks for the FE Exam

The FE or Fundamentals of Engineering exam is the licensing exam devised for engineers. Students are provided with a handbook that lists several criteria that need to be met to take the exam. People prepare for the exam for months and some even take a year to do their best work in the exam, so the criteria must be met by all.

While all the writing materials are given to you, the calculator is supposed to be brought by you, the criteria that are set for the calculator make it extremely hard to find one that would provide the functions and performance.

In this article, we will talk about TI-36x Pro calculators that are the king of all that have been approved for the FE exam. These calculators have complex functions and processing speed that make them an evident choice for the FE exam. Therefore, it is important to know all tips and tricks before giving the FE exam.

TI-36x Pro calculator

TI 36X Pro Tricks and Tips (NCEES Approved Calculator)

 Following are some easy tips and tricks that will help you deal with TI-E6X Pro:

1. The Best Equation Solver

The algebra can be a huge time consumer and will lead to slower performance while taking the FE exam, while most calculators will allow for just solving for the equation the Ti-36x Pro offers much more.

The Ti-36x Pro calculator is an extremely versatile tool, when putting in values, it will correct any mistakes that you can make. There is no need to write a single piece of algebra on paper, all the calculations will be done by the Ti-36x Pro’s tricks.

2. You can stack up

The Ti-36x Pro calculator has a big display screen. Aside from looking at the equations, this display has a very important function. You can view the equations in a stacked manner, these equations can be extremely long and complex as well. This helps in seeing any errors that are made while putting in the complex long derivations.

This makes the Ti-36x Pro built for the FE exam. The stacked view for fractions is an amazing feature that also allows you prepare for the FE exam.

3. Values as Variables

One of the Ti-36x Pro’s tricks also includes how it allows values to be stored and accessed later. The Ti-36x Pro calculator can store values in the form of variables, so you can use them later in equations without having to input each value. So you can store these values as variables before you even enter the exam, the Ti-36x Pro’s trick will help save time and offer giving an efficient performance.

4. Allows To Solve Complex Derivatives

The Ti-36x Pro cheats with the math at this point, you can solve intense and complex derivation with just one click of the Ti-36x Pro calculator.  Derivatives are hard to solve, especially long ones. The number of errors that one makes while solving manually is high, with the Ti-36x Pro’s tricks you can instantly solve all the complex derivatives you want. The Ti-36x Pro in the FE exam will help in filling the gap between time and performance.

5. Identify the Vector Components

Components of vectors can change the entire processing of the vectors and their type. Ti-36x Pro can identify the components of vectors and use the appropriate formulae on them. There will be no need to guess or make mistakes, the Ti-36x Pro calculator will do all of it for you when you put in the values. This means that with the help of the Ti-36x Pro you can easily identify between rectangular vectors or pseudo-vectors, pseudo-vectors can cause a lot of miscalculations if not identified.

6. Long Integrals at Your Tips

If you are faced with a long and complex integral the Ti-36x Pro calculator is there to help you out. It comes with the option of solving integral equations, so you can easily put the values in the Ti-36x Pro on FE exam day and solve the problem in an instance.

7. Matrices Solved Easily

Ti-36x Pro’s tricks are endless, long matrices that can be the most complex don’t even stand a chance against it. The FE exam is going to test you to the highest of your capabilities. That is exactly how they will know if you are good enough for the license. Solving matrices by hand can be a pain especially when you are restricted on time, the Ti-36x Pro calculator helps in making sure these matrices don’t block you from getting that license you deserve.

8. A Quick Unit Converter

Unit conversion is a problem that many who are taking the exam run into, the Ti-36x Pro has a unit converter that has the information and values of all the units. This makes the entire process fast and efficient as time is the main issue with these complex equations and aviation. With the fast unit conversion, the Ti-36x Pro on FE exam day is unbeatable in providing the best performance.

9. Polar Vectors

Another Ti-36x Pro trick is its ability to identify polar vectors, an ability that is bound to a minute amount of calculators out of which none are FE exam approved. The Ti-36x Pro calculator can identify polar vectors, it does this by the ability to identify the ability of polar vectors where they do not reverse signs. Which helps in distinguishing them from other vectors, Ti-36x Pro calculator can recognize and work on that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is TI-36X Pro allowed on the FE exam?

Ti-36x Pro calculator is allowed on the FE exam, it meets all the criteria set by the NCEES. So, you can bring it with ease on exam day and have peace of mind. Make sure to practice on the Ti-36x Pro during your preparation as changing the calculator last minute is not recommended.

2. Does the TI-36X Pro have an equation solver?

Yes, the Ti-36x Pro has an equation solver. You can also view the equations while inputting the values in a stacked view and reduce errors as well. The equations solver works very fast and is 100% accurate, it can also solve matrices and vectors. Needless to say, the Ti-36x Pro will not be cause for concern for you on the FE exam day.

3. Can TI-36X Pro do derivatives?

The Ti-36x Pro can solve derivatives easily, it will not matter if they are long and complex. It will do all of those within seconds with 100% accuracy and no errors. It can do integrals as well. It is a versatile tool to have in your kit.


The Ti-36x Pro is approved by the NCEES for the FE exam. It is heavily equipped with features and is 100% reliable in its results, accuracy, and speed.

From complex equations to derivatives to vector components no matter what you add to it the Ti-36x Pro calculator will solve all of it in seconds. Approved and offering the best performance in the game, the Ti-36x Pro is unbeatable.