What Is the Average Electrical Engineer Salary?

A Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering opens doors to job opportunities worldwide due to the field’s diversity. This appeal is also driven by top companies’ constant demand in the US for skilled engineers.

Moreover, electrical engineers receive competitive compensation at the start of their careers, even with limited experience, and this salary tends to grow as they advance in their professional journeys.

The electrical engineer’s salary in the US is $95640, the average of different levels of experience and hierarchy. This article aims to provide a comprehensive view of the average salary of Electrical Engineers at different career stages. Additionally, we will discuss the essential skills that can impact an electrical engineer’s earnings.

Let’s begin.

Average Electrical Engineer Salary by Experience Level in the US

Average Electrical Engineer Salary by Experience Level in the US

Let’s take a look at salary of an electrical engineer based on their experience level and career stages:

  1. Entry Level
  2. Early Career
  3. Mid-Career
  4. Experienced

1. Entry Level

On average, starting salary for electrical engineer in the US is around $88,965 per year. This is in case the electrical engineer has less than one year of experience. Incentives and overtime wages are all included in the total compensation.

2. Early Career

The electrical engineer salary in US in the early career stage is around $94,696 per year. It is in case the electrical engineer has about four-six years of experience.

3. Mid-Career

On average electrical engineer salary per annum in the mid-career stage is $107,202. In this case, the electrical engineer has about seven-nine years of experience under their belt.

4. Experienced

Those electrical engineers who have experience of more than 15 years can expect to earn up to $114,789 per year on average.

Salaries of Electrical Engineers in Different Cities in the US

Salaries of Electrical Engineers in Different Cities in the US

According to Indeed, following are the average annual electrical engineer salaries in different cities in the United States:

S.noName of CityAverage Annual Salary
1Annapolis, Maryland$87,794
2Atlanta, Georgia$96,647
3Augusta, Maine$111,163
4Baton Rouge , Louisiana$96,109
5Boise, Idaho$86,306
6Boston, Massachusetts$96,541
7Chicago, Illinois$84,280
8Columbus, Ohio$84,504
9Denver, Colorado$90,916
10Des Moines, Iowa$103,277
11Dover, Delaware$97,597
12Frankfort , Kentucky$81,449
13Hartford, Connecticut$100,657
14Helena, Montana$90,957
15Honolulu, Hawaii$80,704
16Houston, Texas$94,207
17Huntsville, Alabama$95,269
18Indianapolis, Indiana$93,735
19Jackson, Mississippii$97,401
20Jefferson City, Missouri$81,158
21Juneau, Alaska$90,725
22Lansing, Michigan$78,352
23Little Rock, Arkansas$91,584
24Los Angeles, California$95,878
25Minneapolis, Minnesota$88,881
26Orlando, Florida$84,361
27Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$91,152
28Portland, Oregon$90,954
29Raleigh, North Carolina$99,894
30Salt Lake City, Utah$84,806
31Seattle, Washington$98,396
32Topeka, Kansas$80,420
33Tucson, Arizona$91,493
34Washington, District of Columbia$99,961
35Lincoln, Nebraska$88,105
36Carson City, Nevada$62,218
37Concord, New Hampshire$94,525
38Trenton, New Jersey$85,825
39Sanat Fe, New Mexico$85,693
40Albany, New York$93,404
41Bismarck, North Dakota$66,793
42Oklahoma City, Oklahoma$83,626
43Providence, Rhode Island107,557
44Columbia, South Carolina$90,482
45Pierre, South Dakota$87,047
46Nashville, Tennessee$103,978
47Montpelier, Vermont$88,637
48Richmond, Virginia$93,072
49Charleston, West Virginia$142,624
50Madison, Wisconsin$92,219
51Cheyenne, Wyoming$47,941

Skills That Affect Electrical Engineer Salaries

Skills That Affect Electrical Engineer Salaries

The following skills can affect electrical engineer annual salary and sometimes even the perks being offered:

  1. Algorithm Development
  2. Computer Security
  3. Software Architecture
  4. Satellite Communications
  5. Wireless Data Communications
  6. Telecommunications

1. Algorithm Development

Electrical engineers with algorithm development skills can earn 42% higher salaries than their median annual income of $80,811 . It translates into an average yearly salary of $114,752.

Electrical engineers’ starting salary with this skill is $88,040 annually, ranging up to around $168,980.

2. Computer Security

Electrical engineers with computer security skills can expect a 31% increment in their average annual incomes. It means that they can earn around $105,862 per year on average.

3. Software Architecture

Possessing software architecture skills can affect electrical engineers’ salaries by 22%, making them earn about $98,705 per year on average.

The starting average electrical engineer’s sala

ry with this skill is $89,000 per year. On the other hand, the most experienced electrical engineers with software architecture skills can make up to $104,000 per year.

4. Satellite Communications

Electrical engineers with satellite communication skills can expect a 31% increment in their average annual salaries. Thus, they can earn around $105,682 per year on average.

On average, the electrical engineers’ annual salary with this skill starts from $81,220 and can go up to around $155,890.

5. Wireless Data Communications

The skills of wireless data communications can increase electrical engineers’ salariesby 25%. So, an engineer with this skill’s median base income is estimated to be around $96,250 per year.

Electrical engineers’ starting salary with this skill is $76,250 per year on average and can go up to approximately $121,200.

6. Telecommunications

Electrical engineers with telecommunications skills have an average salary of $90,508  annually12% more than their median annual incomes.

The starting electrical engineer’s annual salary with this skill is $62,720 on average. However, the most experienced electrical engineers with telecommunications skills can make up to $96,320 annually.

Top Companies for Electrical Engineers

The following companies offer the highest paying electrical engineering jobs in the USA. They are listed in no particular order.

  1. McDermott
  2. ExxonMobil
  3. Apple
  4. CACI International
  5. Maxar Technologies
  6. Black & Veatch
  7. Philips
  8. Raytheon Technologies
  9. Intel
  10. Johnson & Johnson
  11. Boeing
  12. Northrop Grumman
  13. Jacobs Solutions Inc.
  14. Honeywell
  15. Collins Aerospace
  16. Lockheed Martin
  17. Milwaukee Tool
  18. Burns & McDonnell
  19. Siemens
  20. Tesla
  21. Schneider Electric
  22. Medtronic
  23. Amazon
  24. The Home Depot
  25. Microsoft


Electrical engineering in recent times has come up as one of the most lucrative specializations of engineering. Not only that electrical engineering graduates are entering sectors like finance, healthcare and even fashion due to overlapping of different sectors, areas which were unchartered for them before.

This only means one thing that not only is the sector itself seeing growth but the demand for skilled professionals has also increased. Thus, giving the salaries for electrical engineer a major overall bump.

The need for electrical engineers who design, comprehend, and build electrical control systems and modern circuits has increased dramatically due to automation as well. This means that such professionals are enjoying a higher electrical engineer salary and plenty of career prospects following graduation!

So, despite being an electrical engineering graduate with the promising salary offering are you still confused regarding your field choice? Do you have an electrical engineering degree but aren’t sure which job to set your foot into? Reading our seperate blog will help you understand what you can do with an electrical engineering degree.


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