FE Exam Dates and Schedule With Approved Test Centers

The FE Exam (mistakenly called EIT Exam) is the most critical and first milestone in your journey to get your PE license.

With the FE exam being a significant step in your journey to becoming a professional engineer, it is vital to understand all the aspects and parameters of the FE exam. This blog post will discuss FE exam dates and schedules with approved test centers.

You can appear in the FE exam whenever you want — on any day of the year except Sundays and public holidays in the US. The candidates who are willing to appear in the FE exam can choose from the following NCEES® FE Exam dates:

MonthDays (Excluding Holidays)
JanuaryMonday – Saturday
FebruaryMonday – Saturday
MarchMonday – Saturday
AprilMonday – Saturday
MayMonday – Saturday
JuneMonday – Saturday
JulyMonday – Saturday
AugustMonday – Saturday
SeptemberMonday – Saturday
OctoberMonday – Saturday
NovemberMonday – Saturday
DecemberMonday – Saturday

Before choosing your desired FE exam date, ensure that the day you are going to appear in the exam must not collide with any other professional or personal obligations. You can’t afford to panic and complicate the routine with so many things bombarded on you at the same time.

Special Accommodations

NCEES® allows you to request special testing accommodations. You can apply for a special FE test date by signing into your My NCEES® account. The conditions or cases eligible for special testing accommodation are segmented into three categories by NCEES®.

1. ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

NCEES® offers reasonable accommodations as directed by the “Americans with Disabilities Act” and “Civil Rights Act – Title VII.” For successful approval of special accommodation, you must provide documented proof of your disability.

2. Religious

You can also request for alternate FE exam date if your FE test date collides with the declared and confirmed date of any religious festival or event.

3. Military

If you currently serve in the US Army, Navy, or Airforce, you are eligible to request an alternate FE exam venue in the state or region of your deployment. For example, if your license board is in California, you can request to appear for the exam in any state other than California, where you are currently positioned.

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Registration Steps for the FE Exam

To register for the NCEES® FE exam, you need to create an account and register yourself on the MyNCEES® candidate’s portal. The FE exam registration process involves the following steps:

  1.  Log in to your MyNCEES® account > click on the “Exams” tab on the left panel.
  1.  In the next window, hit the “Register for an Exam” button under the “Active Ecam Registrations” section.
  1. Provide all the necessary information and complete the last step, “Register for an Exam”. The “Register for an Exam” option will be accessible once you complete all the previous steps and your provided information gets reviewed by NCEES®. Refrain from providing incorrect or tampered information to avoid rejection.
  1. Once your application is reviewed, you can select your desired FE exam in the “Exam Registration” window. You can learn about which FE exam topics are the hardest in our dedicated blog.
  2. Choose the state board where you want to appear for the FE exam.
  3.  Enter your billing details and pay for the FE exam fee, which is USD 175 in most states.
  4.  Select a suitable test venue > Select the FE exam date from the given FE exam schedule > Finish the application.

How Frequently Can You Take the FE Exam?

You can easily crack your FE exam on the first attempt with the right preparation strategy. If you fail to crack it on the first attempt, you can appear for the retake without waiting too long. The FE exam schedule for retaking is divided into four windows for the ongoing year.

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – December

Candidates are allowed to appear in the FE exam once during any of the above-mentioned FE exam schedules. In simple words, you have two scenarios here:

  • Worst case scenario – If you appear for your FE exam in July and fail to crack it, you will need to wait for the next window till October.
  • Best case scenario – If you appear for your FE exam in September and fail to crack it, you just need to wait a month and appear for the retake next month in October.

NCEES® FE Exam Approved Centers

NCEES® collaborates with Pearson VUE. It means Pearson VUE approves all the FE exam venues. You can visit the Pearson VUE website to search for the list of approved test centers in your region or state.

Find Test Center

In the search bar, enter your preferable state, region, city, or area to find the perfect FE exam venue that well suits your location. For example, if you enter Dallas, you will be shown results like this:

Test Center locations

Tip: Try to enter the most specified location to search for the nearest venue. For example, search by city or area instead of state for more filtered and concise results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 - How do I choose my FE exam date?

You can select your desired FE exam date while registering for the FE exam. You can choose any day as your FE test date from Monday to Saturday any week of the year, except Sundays and public holidays in the US.

2 - Can I take the FE exam online?

No, you must physically appear for your FE exam date at the NCEES® approved test centers. To search for the nearest exam avenue, you can visit the Pearson VUE website to find a list of approved test centers in your area, city, or state.

3 - How Much Does The Exam Cost?

The FE exam fee in the US is USD 175. Some states ask you to pay for the EIT certificate fee during FE exam registration which is USD 75. In the said case, you must pay a total of USD 250 for your FE exam registration.


For all the FE exam aspirants gearing up to appear in the FE exam shortly, choosing the most feasible NCEES® FE exam date and the nearest NCEES® approved test center is recommended. If you have any physical disability, religious event colliding with the FE exam dates, or liability to serve in the US armed forces, you can opt for the special accommodations.

Always remain strategic and stick to your FE exam schedule and study plan to get the most out of it. For exceptional and specifically designed FE exam courses and detailed guidelines on different aspects of the FE exam, choose Study for FE.


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