Highest Paying Electrical Engineering Jobs In The USA

You can get your dream 6 figure job by opting for electrical engineering as your profession and getting the best paying electrical engineering job in the different states of the USA. You can also increase your income with time as you will get experience and knowledge of the real world. We have sorted the highest paying electrical engineering jobs for you. Check this out:

5 Highest Paying Electrical Engineering Jobs/Titles

The following are the five top paying Electrical Engineering jobs you should know about:

  1. Electrical Project Engineer 
  2. Aerospace Electrical Engineer 
  3. Electrical Distribution Designer 
  4. Electrical Control Engineer
  5. Principal Electrical Engineer

1. Electrical Project Engineer 

Average salary in the US: $64,000- $89,000

Core duties: An electrical project engineer’s responsibility includes the implementation and execution of the projects provided by electrical distribution and transmission companies. 

Furthermore, they develop a plan for the project, design the structure considering the standard method and assign that to the relevant employee take follow up on the projects, meet the deadline scheduled, and most importantly, control project costs. 

They are also responsible for analyzing design and specifications according to the requirements and deadlines. 

2. Aerospace Electrical Engineer 

Average salary in the US: $72,000- $171,000. 

Core duties: Aerospace electrical engineers have a list of responsibilities that includes design, development, and maintaining the function along with the performance of aircraft, spaceships, satellites, missiles, and weapon system.

Other responsibilities include research and development using different tools, including CAD/CAM. They also audit electrical designs and modify them for safety and performance. 

3. Electrical Distribution Designer 

Average salary in the US: $75,123- $150,500

Core duties: The job role of an electrical distribution designer includes the planning of an electrical distribution system within the provided facility. Their particular duties include the preparation of designs, field notes, estimates, and specifications related to distribution systems.

In addition, their responsibilities include power calculations, implementing the standards used in the industry, and working according to the standard guidelines followed in the company. 

They may also be required to visit the site to keep check and balance in the workflow. 

4. Electrical Control Engineer 

Average salary in the US: $83,160- $97,000

Core duties: The core responsibilities of an electrical control engineer are to ensure the proper and complete functionality of an electrical system with maximum efficiency. 

To control the workflow, an electrical control engineer must create different complex electrical systems. An electrical control engineer thoroughly researches the electrical devices, analyzes, and assembles them for installation at an appropriate location.  

5. Principal Electrical Engineer 

Average salary in the US: $103,00- $163,000

Core Duties: A principal electrical engineer has vast experience and knowledge about the major and minor electrical aspects of designs and construction. They have a team of other junior and senior engineers to keep an eye on the design of electrical devices and give their feedback on it. 

Their core duties also include inspection of projects and providing instruction to the workforce, addressing maintenance issues, inspect electrical distribution systems. 

Moreover, they analyze, sort, and manage the data to prepare relevant presentations for upper management.

Top Electrical Engineering Career Paths 

Electrical engineering career paths can be helpful in both ways, including personal and societal benefits. Choosing a career path in electrical engineering, will not only help you become the highest-paid electrical engineer with time but also contribute to society for electrical infrastructure. 

Below are some basics of electrical engineering and its sub-categories. This will help you in opting for the right career path. Have a look at them: 

1. Electrical Engineers

An electrical engineer is mainly working on almost all types of electrical devices, such as power systems to individual electric devices. They use devices smartly and technically to benefit from them consecutively. 

Electrical engineers have the sense to prepare technical documents. They test on the machines to make reports on them for their efficiency. Also, they are the ones to integrate prototype development. 

2. Systems Engineers

The main duty of a systems engineer is to design and implement computer systems according to the standard operating procedures (SOP) followed in the organization, alongside planning and maintaining the inventory. 

Systems engineers monitor and manage the installed system and infrastructure in an organization. Moreover, their duty involves the evaluation of the existing devices to give direction to the technical IT support staff. 

3. Control System Engineers 

Control system engineers have to inspect, control, and manage efficient and high-quality production of electrical devices. Their main duty is to look after the overall manufacturing process and make adjustments to it to optimize results. 

Control engineers’ main focus is to ensure efficiency in electrical devices or machines. They are responsible to have a check and balance for the maintenance of the machines. To check that the operations are working according to the standard method used in that organization. 

4. Test Engineers 

Test engineers’ primary role is to design procedures that include troubleshooting a device or product and verifying the device’s efficiency. They develop tests to check the productivity target versus the productivity achieved. 

Moreover, test engineers create an insular environment that provides correct measurement and confirms the quality and consistency of the workflow of the new and existing devices. 

5. Electrical Application Engineers 

Electrical application engineers are responsible for the automation and application of electrical devices in the industry. They provide effective electronic solutions that are scalable and follow standard guidelines. 

Electrical application engineers’ primary duties also include participation in design troubleshooting applications and resolving problems related to applications.

Electrical application engineers are also part of technical meetings to give their suggestions. 

6. Network Design Engineers 

Network design engineers are responsible to identify issues and risks in the network and coming up with a reliable solution to minimize the risks. Moreover, they also build a contingency and a substitute to maintain connections between the organization and the company to meet the business needs. 

Network design engineers are also responsible for configuring and support network services in different ways, for example, wireless networks, security networks, etc. 

Network engineers’ core responsibility is to figure out the issues in network design and its capacity, manage the network design flow and integrate specific equipment for network expansion in the organization.

Top US States By Highest Paying Electrical Engineering Jobs

Choose electrical engineering as your profession to get the highest-paying electrical engineering jobs. Here are the top US states that have top paying electrical engineering jobs:

The US States with CitiesHourly wageWeekly payMonthly payAnnual salary 
San Francisco, CA$51.00$8,922$2,059$107,000
Oakland, CA$48.00$8,275$1,910$99,100
Tanaina, AK$47.00$8,252$1,904$99,020
Jackson, WY$46.00$8,059$1,860$96,700


Electrical engineering has become a desirable profession as it has the highest paying jobs in the US. You can also do great things with your profession for the world by innovating something that is useful for everyone. Become a smart and beneficial citizen in the state and give your services to them while you can also make extra money too. You can achieve great things with your profession. Get yourself registered as a professional engineer in electrical engineering and become the highest-paid electrical engineer. Choose your path wisely and explore the world with an engineer’s sight.

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