25 Highest Paying Internships For Engineers in 2021

Today’s job market is becoming competitive with the advancement of technologies. It is tough to find a relevant job in your preferred field, especially for recently graduated engineers.

This overwhelming situation is the reason for the growing internship’s importance in every area. Internships provide an excellent opportunity for fresh engineers to explore their careers and apply their knowledge to resolve real-world problems. Internships turn graduates into fantastic assets for developing companies.

Our continuously advancing world is drastically expanding the field of electrical engineering. This is why it is significant for electrical engineers to get their hands on internship programs to understand the professional working environment better. Students often ask, “what should I put for salary expectation electrical engineering intern?” This article is the answer to all those questions.

Let’s dig into some in-depth information about the electrical engineering intern salary.

What Is The Average Electrical Engineer Internship Salary?

On average, in the United States, an electrical engineering intern’s salary for a year is $31,663, which means he earns $15.22 hourly. It is a handsome amount to kick start your professional career. If you are thinking of doing electrical engineering internships, then consider the following cities. These cities are offering the highest internships’ salaries along with professional certificates worldwide.

Houston, Texas37,560$18.06$
New Orleans, LA33,907$16.30$
Newark, NJ34,554$16.61$
Arlington, VA34,257$16.47$
Chandler, AZ36,134$17.37$
Redwood City, CA42,243$20.79$
Deerfield Beach, FL38,209$18.37$
Denver, CO33,428$16.07$
Rochester, MN32,774$15.76$
Peoria, IL30,799$14.81$
Provo, UT28,841$13.87$
Beloit, WI28,515$13.71$

Highest Electrical Engineer Internship Salary (US States)

Surprisingly, the majority of the highest internship salary paying states are located in the United States. Electrical Engineering graduates can easily choose in which state they want to go for internships.

In the United States, Alaska offers $64,189, which is the highest electrical engineer average internship salary. Apart from Alaska, the following states pay the highest average salary for electrical engineering internships.

New Jersey34,496$16.58$
New York32,762$15.75$

Lowest Electrical Engineer Internship Salary (US States)

Here is the list of the US States that offer the lowest electrical engineering internship salaries:

South Dakota27,365$13.16$
West Virginia26,688$12.83$

Where to Find Electrical Engineering Internships?

In the era of modern technologies, finding an internship is not a difficult job. There are several websites on the internet where big companies post new internship opportunities from time to time.

Where to find Electrical engineering internships

Platforms That Help In Finding Internship Opportunities

Once Electrical Engineering graduates are done passing FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) and PE (Professional Engineering) exams, they can easily search for internships on the following top-ranking websites. These websites play a role of a bridge between job seekers and employers.

1. LinkedIn


It is a helpful platform that helps you connect with national as well as international engineering companies. Students can easily make their professional profiles on LinkedIn and start connecting with different engineering industries. You can also follow the famous engineers and learn about internships through their posts.

By following all hiring profiles, you will daily receive notifications regarding new internship opportunities. Many recruiters and employers will navigate through your profile if you submit an internship application via LinkedIn. So, make sure to build a decent and authentic profile as it matters a lot.

2. Indeed.com


It is an American website founded in November 2004. It is used worldwide to search for employees or job opportunities. Once you log in to indeed.com, it gives you an option to create a well-structured resume for free. That resume stays saved at your profile. Daily, thousands of people publish job posts on indeed. You can check them daily and find the relevant internship program just by sitting at home.

The website of indeed.com has many options to specify salary estimates, job location, job company, country, city, etc. These options are ideal to look for your preferred internship in less time. So, if you are an active internship seeker, you should build your account on this fantastic website.

3. Glassdoor

Glass door

Glassdoor is one of the most famous employment websites. It was founded in 2008 to ease the life of employers and job seekers. Glassdoor is unique from other online employment websites because of its special reviewing feature. Former and new employees can rate their companies on salary, environment, and other elements on Glassdoor.

It helps candidates to check the ratings and reviews before applying for an internship or job program. Glassdoor has a partnership with indeed.com. But its focus is to brand employers so they can find talented workers.

4. Global Experiences

Global Experiences

This website was launched in 2001. It is based in Annapolis, MD. It is different from all other internship websites because students pay to get admitted for an internship. But the plus point includes a global work experience in eight big cities like Paris, Dublin, London, Sydney, Florence, Shanghai, Milan, and Barcelona. The cost of getting these internships lies between 6,000 to 10,000$.

5. Smart Recruiters

Smart Recruiters

Students can also search for engineering internships on smart recruiters’ websites. It is a trusted talent acquisition software. It helps enterprises in hiring talented people within their budgets. Same as indeed, students can create free accounts on smart recruiters. An interesting feature of this website is that it can tell you the status of your application. You will get a notification of In Review if any recruiter is shortlisting you. It will keep appearing until someone call you for an interview.

6. Graduateland


It is the most significant career portal that offers international career opportunities in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a top-rated network that is used to connect students, employers, and universities.

Graduateland enables students and graduates to navigate through thousands of job opportunities daily. Electrical Engineers are recommended to sign up on this portal and find a perfect internship program for themselves. Moreover, the graduate lands portal is available in eight languages, including Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Latvian. 


Engineering is the backbone of human innovation. Our lives are reliant on electrical engineers, which has enhanced the scope of electrical engineering. Fresh and former electrical engineering graduates are advised to look for internship programs before seeking a professional job.

Because internships polish the skills and talents of young engineers and make them ready to start a successful journey, so, ask yourself what type of firm or industry you want to work in. And then, choose the best-suited companies and send them your internship applications.

Wasim Asghar – P.E, P.ENG, M.ENG

Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Florida (PE) and Ontario (P. Eng) with consulting experience in design, commissioning and plant engineering for clients in Energy, Mining and Infrastructure.