How long does it take to prepare for the FE Electrical and Computer Exam?

The preparation process for the FE Electrical and Computer Exam is difficult and long. Although every student varies in how much time they spend preparing for the exam, we have compiled average lengths based on the estimates of many of our students. The average passing student studies around 200-400 hours, which is usually distributed as around 3-4 hours per day for 3 months. In contrast, the average failing student studies around 100-300 hours, or around ~2 hours per day for 3 months.

It is important to note, however, that what matters far more than the number of hours you spend is how you spend those hours of studying. Actively studying and doing practice questions will get you far more return on every hour than if you spent those hours re-reading notes or textbooks.

How long to study for the FE exam

At Study For FE, we advocate for active learning and have numerous resources for you to learn more actively. In addition to the study guides which have hundreds of practice problems, we also have computer-simulated practice exams which aim to be identical to what you will face on your actual test day.

Additionally, you can view many of our tips on maximizing your study efficiency. For example, it is recommended that you divide your study sessions into 30-minute blocks, where you study for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break. This is known as the pomodoro technique and can help you maximize your focus.

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