What is The Importance of NCEES FE Exam

NCEES® stands for National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying which is a non-profit making association steadfast to progressing professional licensure for engineers and surveyors.

This exam tests your knowledge for a minimum level of ability. In the United States, you need to pass the NCEES® exam. But, how many times can you give a PE exam?

If you want to get licensed in the future, you must pass two exams. The first step is the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam.

It will be taken after the completion of undergraduate engineering studies. Once you clear the review exam of FE, you have to work for at least 4 years to be eligible.

Why NCEES® – National Council of Examiners for Engineering?

Engineers can get professional licensure through NCEES®. It will help maintain the engineering standards in the US.  People may question the importance of standardization but engineers know better. Licensure is the only way to make sure that public safety, health, and quality standards don’t drop over time.

Don’t forget to inquire from the state board about your status and how many times you are allowed to appear in the exam to become a competitive licensed engineer.

NCEES® Testing and Learning

NCEES® permits students to appear in the exam within each 3-month time window and collectively only 3 attempts are allowed every 12 months. No gain without pain. You should spend at least 100-120 hours on the study if you want to gain a license.

It is suggested that you should probably study for 100-120 hours. A serious study plan that several engineers use that works is to spend roughly a whole half-day each Sunday studying for the next three months leading up to the exam.

After that, you can study every day for some hours or more a week before these exams start.

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Fundamentals of FE Exam

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is your first step in the process of becoming an official and professional licensed engineer.

This exam is designed for new graduates and pupils who are close to finishing their undergraduate engineering degree from an EAC/ABET-accredited program.

The FE exam is a computer-based exam controlled year-round at NCEES®-approved Pearson VUE test centers. This exam usually contains 110- questions and the appointed time is 6 hours.

Fundamentals of FE Exam

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If you hope to get licensed in the upcoming years. You will need to go through two exams. The first one is Fundamentals of Engineering, this exam is taken by individuals between or after graduating from engineering studies.

Once your FE (fundamentals of physics) exam is cleared, you’ll have to work for a minimum of 4 years under a PE to be adequate for the PE exam. On the other hand, the next step after passing the FE exam is to send your exam results and university transcript to your state’s board of professional engineers

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What are the Requirements for Taking the FE Exam?

The requirements of FE often change but that depends on the Engineering state board. Each State Engineering Board sets its fee structure, education requirements, and other licensing guidelines.

Generally, most states require candidates to be attending or have graduated from an ABET-accredited engineering program. Also, being graduated is not a requirement for the exam. So, you can easily give the exam even if you’re not graduated.

What are the Requirements for Taking the FE Exam

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When and Where is the FE Exam Given?

The 5.5 hours long FE exam is given nationwide every year in the form of four testing windows in the months of:

  • January
  • February
  • April
  • May
  • July
  • August
  • October
  • November

They are held in the morning and on any of the days Monday-Saturday.

Why the NCEES® FE Exam? The Ultimate Benefits!

Now, here’s why you should take and score best in your upcoming NCEES® FE exam. The ultimate benefits it offers to its candidates make it worth taking!

1. Proves that you think long term

Every organization has the desire that they receive more PE professionals. When you clear the FE exam you give your employers the idea that a PE exam is on your cards. Not only will this mean that you’ll be an amazing asset to the company.

It also assures them of employees retention for at least four years. Everyone wants a person in their company who thinks of things long-term. Otherwise, it’s always going to be a hassle for the company and employees themselves.

2. Complements more worth to your resume:

No doubt you may have achieved outstanding marks or grades in your pre-graduate engineering studies, but that is not all you still might have to work your way up to achieve something better.

Possible business managers/owners tend to hire candidates who are dedicated to their job, competitive, and who want to polish themselves along the way.

Therefore if you are planning on taking up a job straight away after finishing your under-graduation then taking the NCEES® FE exam will help you stand out from other contestants by simply giving you an edge over them.

By giving the FE exams you might get a chance to achieve PE license which is a symbol of achievement and assurance of quality. You can get the PE license by either working for a company or setting up your own.

It will ultimately increase your earning potential as you will be the best of the best. Then why wouldn’t you be paid high?

So, if you’re the one who seeks independence more than anything else, you must do your best for preparation of the FE exam.

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3. Professional competency:

Every organization wants the best for them. They will try their best to employ those people who meet their requirements perfectly. The organization has wanted someone who thinks out of the box, has high ethical standards, and has professional competency.

These qualities are really hard to find in people. And when they find the person with all these requirements. They pay the right price for it. By taking the FE exam you will easily meet these standards.

As the FE exam doesn’t only make you reliable it also gives you a sense of professional competency. So you’ll have a higher chance of being employed.

Professional competency

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4. Adds more value to your resume:

When you’re searching for a job your resume matters the most. Your resume must be different from the rest of the people then only you will have a chance.

You may have scored excellent grades in your undergraduate engineering studies, but still, you would be missing something. Employers are in search of candidates that are competitive and professional in their profession.

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Practical Advantages of Passing the FE Exam

Identifying Knowledge Gaps

The FE Exam serves as a comprehensive assessment of foundational engineering knowledge. You will likely encounter areas where your understanding might be less robust during your preparation. 

This self-discovery process allows you to identify knowledge gaps and target those specific areas for focused study. Addressing these weaknesses will solidify your comprehension of core engineering principles, fostering a more comprehensive knowledge base.

Developing Effective Study Strategies

Effectively preparing for the FE Exam necessitates dedication and the development of solid study habits. 

This might involve implementing practices such as spaced repetition for enhanced knowledge retention, creating a structured study schedule to optimize learning, and actively engaging with practice problems to refine your problem-solving abilities. These valuable study habits will prove instrumental during your FE Exam preparation and serve as a foundation for success throughout your academic career and beyond.

Enhanced Time Management Skills

The FE Exam is a timed test, requiring efficient time management strategies to navigate all the questions within the allotted timeframe. During your preparation, practicing with timed practice exams allows you to develop strategies for maximizing your time during the actual exam. 

Learning to manage your time effectively under pressure is a crucial skill that will benefit you in future exams and various professional scenarios you will encounter throughout your engineering career.

Passing the FE exams transforms into a valuable learning experience that equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as an enginee

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We hope that this guide to the NCEES® FE Exam has cleared all your queries and doubts on the subject. So, if you are planning to apply for jobs soon after completing your undergraduate then you should take the FE exam. Work hard and study your best to pass the FE exam as this will make you superior to others.

This will also make your resume better than the rest and you’ll have a great impression. Every company wants the best employees. So FE exams will surely help you ace it. For more knowledge contact us or visit our site.


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