The FE Exam Dates For 2022

The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES®) developed the FE Exam to evaluate the technical proficiency essential in the engineering sector.

The FE exam lasts six hours, has 110 problems, and is divided into morning and afternoon sections.

To legally use the title “Engineer” before your name in the USA, you must first take and clear the FE test and become a certified Professional Engineer (PE).

Interested in taking the FE exam to be officially called an engineer and enjoy many benefits? Then, you must know everything about the FE exam dates to schedule them at your convenience.

In this article, we will be bringing into your knowledge all the information regarding the FE exam test dates.

Let’s get started.

How to Schedule an FE Exam? – [Quick Steps]

Here are the steps you can take to schedule your FE exam:

  1. Sign up for the MyNCEES® account by visiting the NCEES® website.
  2. Provide personal details such as username, email address, date of birth, password, etc.
  3. After filling out the information, select agree and submit.
  4. Verify your MyNCEES® account by following the link that has been sent to you via email.
  5. After confirming your email address, log into your MyNCEES® account. Once done, you’ll be headed over to your dashboard.
  6. Select the “exams” icon on your dashboard’s leftmost column. A new window will be opened.
  7. There, hit on the “register for an exam” button.
  8. Then, fill out the two forms that ask for your contact and education details as instructed.
  9. Click on “register for an exam” at the bottom after reviewing the information on the two forms you just provided.
  10. Next, click on the “fundamentals of engineering” tab in the exam registration window.
  11. Now, choose one discipline out of seven you intend to take your exam in (FE Electrical and Computer, FE Mechanical, etc.).
  12. After that, pick the board (state) where you will physically be available to appear in the FE examination.
  13. Provide your payment details to submit the $175 fees for exam registration. Note that some state boards may necessitate you to pay an additional cost.
  14. Complete checkout and follow the on-screen guidelines to schedule your exam at the most accessible test center.
  15. Wait for approval from NCEES®.
  16. After getting authorization, set the FE test date and schedule your exam at the most accessible exam center.
  17. Then, confirm your FE exam schedule by employing the MyNCEES® portal.
  18. Finally, get the exam verification from the PearsonVUE examination center.

You can also check out our separate blog on how to register for the FE exam for more detailed information.

Exam Dates for the FE Exam in 2022

Interestingly, the six-hour-long Fundamentals of Engineering exam can be taken on any day, week, or month of the year – Sundays and public holidays are an exception to this rule.

It means:

The NCEES® doesn’t specify any fixed Fundamentals of Engineering exam dates and offers it throughout the year.

It is because:

The FE exam is based on a computerized testing format, which enables the NCEES® to take the FE exam continuously all year round as it involves significantly minimal organization and scoring period.

The NCEES® FE exam dates for 2022 are mentioned in the table below:

JanuaryMonday – Saturday
FebruaryMonday – Saturday
MarchMonday – Saturday
AprilMonday – Saturday
MayMonday – Saturday
JuneMonday – Saturday
JulyMonday – Saturday
AugustMonday – Saturday
SeptemberMonday – Saturday
OctoberMonday – Saturday
NovemberMonday – Saturday
DecemberMonday – Saturday

If you want more clarity on the FE exam dates and how to schedule them with approved test centers, we recommend you read our article on FE exam dates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How Many Times Can You Take the Exam?

You are only permitted three attempts to take the FE exam in 12 months but only once during any of the following two-month windows:

● January – March
● April – June
● July – September
● October – December

Let’s say if you attempt the FE exam in April but don’t pass, you will get the next opportunity to take the exam in July rather than June.

2- When Should I Schedule My FE Exam?

Though you can register and sit for the FE exam at any time of your life, scheduling your FE exam as soon as you can, either near the completion of your final year or immediately after you graduate, is recommended. This is because the expertise and information encompassing various subject areas will still be fresh in your mind while you study for the FE exam.

It is also highly recommended to take a practice exam before scheduling the FE exam, so you know how much time you require to prepare for and how well you will perform in the exam.

3- How Much Does it Cost to Take the FE Exam?

Typically, it takes $175 to take the FE exam, which must be paid directly to NCEES® at the time of registration. However, the total cost of the FE exam is influenced by various factors. These include the costs associated with traveling to reach the testing center, any additional fees levied by your state, and whether you want to purchase FE exam prep courses and review manuals for the FE exam.


The FE exam dates are not specified and are accessible throughout the year, excluding Sundays and national holidays. However, you are only allowed to take the FE exam three times a year and once during any two-month period.

We hope this guide gave you a thorough insight into the fundamentals of engineering exam dates and how you can schedule the exam.

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