PE Exam Dates 2023

In 2011, NCEES®(National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying) began converting examinations to computer-based testing (CBT) from pencil and paper format.

The PE Exam has adopted a CBT format, making it easier and more secure for engineers to reach their certification goals. This standardized testing method enhances security protocols while also providing greater scheduling freedom – an ideal combination of convenience and safety!

As the process of shifting to digital and computer-based testing is still ongoing, some specializations of the PE exam are still paper, and pencil based. In contrast, others are now conducted via CBT in person only at NCEES®-approved Pearson VUE Test Centers.

For the most part, the CBT format provides greater scheduling flexibility.

For aspiring professionals, the PE exam is a rite of passage that can be overwhelming. With time constraints for those with full-time jobs and limited retake options – restricted to 3 in 12 months with some specializations held only once annually – success depends on serious focus and preparedness.

With knowledge of the PE exam dates, candidates can take control and set themselves up for a successful first-time pass. Planning ahead gives them an advantage when tackling this rigorous test!

Not only that, once you are aware of the availability of your exam, you can develop a preparation plan around it. For year-round exams, you might want to choose an available window and focus all efforts during the period. For the single-day exam, consistent efforts around the year will be fruitful to make the most of the one-time opportunity.

In this blog, we shall discuss NCEES® PE Exam Dates for 2023. Get ahead of the curve in your PE exam prep with our 2023 schedule. With dates for each specialization, you can plan and be one step closer to success!

S. noExamAvailability
 1.PE – EnvironmentalYear-Round
 2.PE – ChemicalYear-Round
 3.PE Mechanical – HVAC And RefrigerationYear-Round
 4.PE Mechanical – Thermal and Fluid SystemsYear-Round
 5.PE Mechanical – Machine Design and MaterialsYear-Round
 6.PE – Civil (All Sub-Specializations)Year-round (beginning Jan 2022)
 7.PE – Electrical and Computer: PowerYear-Round
 8.PE – Architectural EngineeringSingle day (Oct 23, 2023)
 9.PE – Mining and Mineral ProcessingSingle day (Oct 23, 2023)
 10.PE – Naval Architecture and MarineSingle day (Oct 23, 2023)
 11.PE – PetroleumSingle day (Oct 23, 2023)
 12.PE- Fire ProtectionSingle day (Oct 23, 2023)
 13.PE – Metallurgical and MaterialsSingle day (Oct 23, 2023)
14. PE – Agricultural and BiologicalSingle day (Oct 24, 2023)
 15.PE – NuclearSingle day (Oct 24, 2023)
 16.PE- Industrial and SystemsSingle day (Oct 24, 2023)
 17.PE – Control SystemsSingle day (Oct 24, 2023)
 18.PE – Electrical and Computer: Computer EngineeringSingle day (Oct 24, 2023)
 19.PE –  Electrical and Computer: Electronics, Controls, and CommunicationsSingle day (Oct 24, 2023)

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Year-Round vs. Single-Day PE Exams- Make a Comparison

PE Exams Schedule

Some PE specializations based on CBT have their exams conducted all year round in 4 testing windows. These are called year-round exams. In contrast, some PE specializations have their exams undertaken only once a year on a specified date, known as the single-day PE exams.

The year-round tests created by NCEES® use a linear-on-the-fly (LOFT) method. This implies that all candidates for a specific test must answer the same quantity of questions within the same areas, and no two examinees will receive the same questions.

The single-day CBT-based exams have a  smaller examinee pool. Thus, they have a different high-stakes examination scheme and are only given once a year. Identical questions are provided to all examinees sitting these tests.

Irrespective of the predictive model utilized, the question forms on both types of tests are the same. This is done to ensure fairness of examination.

Now that we know the differences between year-round and single-day PE exams, let us look at each separately in further detail.

Year-Round Exam PE Exam

The following PE exams are conducted yearly at NCEES®-approved Pearson VUE Test Centers. Unlike the examinations, which are given once a year, these PE exams are made using the LOFT method, which means no two candidates get the same questions as mentioned above.

 Let us now look at the PE exam specializations with a year-round examination availability via CBT format:

  • PE – Environmental
  • PE – Chemical
  • PE Mechanical – HVAC and Refrigeration
  • PE Mechanical – Thermal and Fluid Systems
  • PE Mechanical – Machine Design and Materials
  • PE – Civil (All Sub-Specializations)
  • PE – Electrical and Computer: Power

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Single-Day PE Exam

The NCEES® PE exam dates for the following engineering specializations are set for a single day of the year. One of the primary reasons behind this PE exam schedule is that the candidate population is relatively small compared to other specializations.

The candidates taking this form of the single-day PE exam receive the same questions as all are attempting the exam simultaneously. Following are the specializations of the PE examination for which the exam is only conducted once a year as a single-day exam.

  • PE – Mining and Mineral Processing
  • PE – Architectural Engineering
  • PE – Naval Architecture and Marine
  • PE – Agricultural and Biological
  • PE – Petroleum
  • PE – Nuclear
  • PE- Industrial and Systems
  • PE- Fire Protection
  • PE – Control Systems
  • PE – Metallurgical and Materials
  • PE  – Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering
  • PE –  Electrical and Computer: Electronics, Controls, and Communications

How Many Times Can You Take the PE Exam?

You can take the PE exam once every testing period and up to 3 times in 12 months. NCEES® computer-based examinations are administered during the following months of the year under the 4 retake windows:

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – December

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 - How often is the PE exam offered?

Depending on your engineering discipline, the PE exam is offered yearly for a selected list of specializations. At the same time, a single-day exam approach is followed for another defined set of domains.

2 - How much does the PE exam cost?

The exam price is typically between $350 – $375 (depending on location) and must be paid directly to NCEES®. As part of the approval process, specific licensing boards may ask you to submit a separate application and apply for a fee to qualify for a seat on an NCEES® test.

3 - Is passing PE exam hard?

The PE exam requires hard work, focus, and determination. Most PE exams, regardless of specialization, have an average pass percentage ranging from 60-70% for first-time participants to 30-40% for repeat takers. Do check out our blog to get a better idea of the PE exam passing score.

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We understand that taking a licensing exam can put anyone under pressure and requires a focused effort to help achieve professional goals. Now that you are aware of the PE exam dates for the year 2023, we hope that you will be able to kickstart your PE exam preparation.

Like in any other test or examination, if you can get a head start on your preparation based on the PE exam schedule, you will succeed and execute the preparation process efficiently and in a planned and timely manner.


Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Florida (PE) and Ontario (P. Eng) with consulting experience in design, commissioning and plant engineering for clients in Energy, Mining and Infrastructure.