TI-36x Calculator Functions

At first glance, the Texas Instruments TI-36x Pro appears to be a standard scientific calculator. However, you will see that the TI-36x calculator functions are different from what you expect in a calculator under $20.

The calculator is simple to use and features a well-known button arrangement. The screen includes a 4 -line display, which allows for enough space for performing computations and just enough space inside menus and programs. 

The calculator has no ports since it is powered by a solar panel immediately above the display and a battery. However, the TI-36x Pro calculator includes several capabilities that you would ordinarily find solely on a graphing calculator. These features are great if you want to avoid paying the exorbitant price that comes with them.

Therefore, this calculator is ideally suited for computer science and engineering-relevant exams where a graphing calculator is not permitted, especially for the FE and PE exams, where it is one of the allowed calculators.

The scientific calculator TI-36x Pro is certified for use on SAT®, ACT®, and AP® tests.

Let’s now look at its features and other specifications in detail. You will also understand why it is one of the most preferred calculators by students.

Key Features of TI-36x Calculator

We shall now explore the key features of the NCEES® approved Texas Instruments 36x calculator :

  • Four-line text output.
  • Choose between degrees/radians, floating/fixed, and number format modes.
  • There are three solutions to choose from: numeric equation, polynomial, and system of linear equations.
  • Show a specified function in a tabular format.
  • Statistics with one and two variables
  • The MultiViewTM display displays numerous calculations on the screen at the same time.
  • For real functions, it computes the numeric derivative and integral.
  • It uses a vector and matrix entry window to perform vector and matrix operations.

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In Which Areas is TI-36x Calculator Ideal?

The TI-36x pro is one of the top-rated scientific calculators available in the market. In addition, the TI-36x pro statistics make it one of the market leaders.

If you talk about the scenarios and areas where this calculator is ideal, then licensing examinations and examinations with computer science and engineering disciplines as part of the testing pool are the most suited areas.

This is how the NCEES® FE and PE exams also come into the picture. This calculator is one of the approved calculators that is allowed to be used in these exams.

Besides that, given its accuracy and ease of use along with its multitude of features, it is one of the most preferred by the students as well over the other options.

It is also suited for subjects and examinations where the subject matter includes but is not limited to Statistics, Algebra 1 and 2, Pre-Algebra, Trigonometry, Computer Science, and College Engineering.

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TI-36x Pro Scientific Calculator Specifications

TI-36x Pro Scientific Calculator Specifications

Now we will look into the TI-36x pro scientific calculators’ specifications regarding aesthetics and sizing.

The overall look of the instrument itself features a 4-line, 16-character, easy-to-understand, and read LCD. It is solar cell assisted in lengthening battery life but is battery powered essentially.

Not only that, but it also comes with an auto power-off feature which is good for energy saving. The instrument’s body is made up of hard plastic and comprises color-coded keys. In addition, it has rubber padding, which helps in preventing the skidding of surfaces.

The instrument’s body is fashioned with an impact-resistant cover, which is hard and has a snap-on feature.

The calculator is black in color; compared to its competitors, it’s lighter in weight. Its dimensions are 9.76 x 6.77 x 1.1 inches, and it weighs 4.06 ounces.

Must-Know Functions for Your TI-36X Pro 

The TI-36X Pro calculator is a powerful tool for FE exam takers, offering various mathematical functions. However, to truly optimize your exam performance, it’s crucial to prioritize functions most relevant to the FE exam itself.

Why Focus on Exam-Specific Functions? The FE exam covers various engineering disciplines, but the core mathematical functions remain consistent. By focusing on these core functions and mastering their application on the TI-36X Pro, you can approach the exam with confidence and efficiency.

What Functions Take Center Stage? Some of the most commonly encountered functions on the FE exam include:

  • Trigonometry: Sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), inverse trigonometric functions (sin⁻¹, cos⁻¹, tan⁻¹). These functions are crucial for solving problems involving angles, forces, and geometric relationships. (Example: Calculating the angle of a ramp using the sin function).
  • Logarithms: Logarithms (log) and exponential functions (eˣ) are essential for solving exponential growth or decay equations. (Example: Analyzing the decay rate of a radioactive material using logarithms).
  • Complex Numbers: The ability to perform basic operations with complex numbers (numbers with a natural and imaginary component) may be required for some FE exam problems, particularly in electrical and computer engineering.
  • Integration/Differentiation (Optional): While not as prevalent as the functions above, some FE exams involve essential integration or differentiation problems. Understanding how to utilize these functions on the TI-36X Pro can be advantageous.

Focusing on these key areas optimizes your study time and empowers you to approach the exam confidently.

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The TI-36x calculator’s functions, key features, and specifications are some of the industry’s best. As a result, this calculator is on the list of majorities of the licensing and competitive examinations where only specific calculators are approved for use in the exam.

Its price point is also very competitive, which is $20 (excluding shipping and other taxes) on Amazon, thus making it a price-efficient option. All of these fantastic features and options, combined with the tips and tricks suggested for the TI-36x Pro scientific calculator, make it no doubt, if not the top, one of the top options for use in the FE exam and the PE exam.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this instrument to enjoy the TI-36x calculator functions and enjoy calculation support with you during the licensing exams.


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