The Top 11 Reasons To Study Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is about generating, transmitting, distributing, controlling, and using the electrical power required to operate small-scale devices, such as a sensor, or as large as the equipment for space stations.

Monitors appliances of all sizes, circuits, and power to ensure proper operation. An electrical engineer can design, manufacture, and market marketing equipment. It can also be dedicated to manufacturing power projects, business, surgical equipment, and any industrial sector comprising energy use.

The field of application is wide because today’s world depends on electrical energy to function. In this way, the job sources are varied.

On the other hand, no day is the same as the previous one when working with devices. Technical failures in electrical circuits will vary depending on the equipment, and something new is learned every day. Furthermore, technology is constantly advancing, and discoveries require new skills.

A typical electrical engineer’s professional aspirations lie in creating new methodologies to reduce electrical risks in a system. It is about the possibility of preventing and solving problems, permanently carrying out fieldwork, and understanding the complexity of electrical systems.

Electrical engineering is broader in the knowledge framework and includes electronic engineering. Here are some good reasons to study electrical engineering and pursue a career in it.

1. It’s easy to get your first job

It is easy for electrical engineering students to get their first job because it is one of the most demanded careers by the labor market and least chosen by young people. In addition, this professional field does not require an advanced degree of study to find work. You can enter the labor market and earn good salaries with a bachelor’s degree. If you want to do a master’s degree in electrical engineering, the possibilities (and the compensation) are going to be much more significant.

2. You get a good salary

One of the great advantages of being an electrical engineer is the salary, being in this area of ​​engineering is one of the best pays. Therefore, it should not be a reason to disregard.

3. You can work in other countries

Having a degree in electrical engineering can open up opportunities to work in other countries of the world. As the laws of mathematics, electricity, and physics are universal, the knowledge acquired does not limit you to working only in the country you studied. In addition, many international companies require this professional and offer reasonable remuneration. In these cases, knowing the English language will be highly valued. Something to highlight is that nationality or prior work permit is also necessary to work in other countries in many different jobs. In the case of engineering, it often happens that international companies are in charge, through contracts, of granting you that work permit.

4. There is the possibility of carrying out pre-professional training

Many universities require electrical engineering students to undertake pre-professional training. Generally, this internship can be extended or turned into a permanent job position if an excellent personal and professional image is left. It is an excellent opportunity for the employer to know your skills and work profile.

5. A wide variety of skills and knowledge is acquired

An electrical engineer acquires a wide variety of knowledge in their career. In addition, electrical engineer develop great skills (from programming to report writing), and you are faced with the daily challenge of finding solutions to problems. Electrical engineering is a practical area. You will be able to use the knowledge acquired to learn to solve problems. Also, along with this task, creativity is exercised. That is to say, taking into account the phenomenon of labor mobility, if a change of career or labor field is chosen later, having a preparation as an engineer will serve a variety of fields.

6. Computer skills are acquired

Electrical engineers face computer problems throughout their careers, both student and professional. For this reason, during the studies, some computer skills are acquired to learn how to install different programs that they will need to carry out the additional reports and during work practice when it is necessary to adjust any electrical circuit component.

7. There are moments of adrenaline

Electrical engineers experience some high-adrenaline situations. For example, when electrical discharges occur, charged capacitor leads are touched, two wrong leads are connected, or an error occurs in an electrical component.

8. Has prestige

Being an electrical engineer has prestige and importance that other professions do not have, primarily since society today is based on electrical technology. Therefore, without the skills and innovations of engineers, life today would not be the same.

9. You can do things for yourself

Learning to do things for yourself is one of the most compelling reasons for pursuing this career. Electrical engineers know how things work and why they don’t work correctly. By knowing the basic rules of electrical engineering, the professionals will make their creations. This adds additional value to the CV since these creations are limitless. In this way, we can also demonstrate that working independently as an electrical engineer is possible.

10. You could spend your time fixing problems

These professionals can take care of everything from a blown light bulb or a blown fuse to fixing a computer, systems, and making sure that devices are working at their optimum performance levels.

11. Great variety and little time to get bored

New things are constantly appearing in this profession. As technology advances, electrical components and electronic devices are constantly updated and changed. The electrical engineer will invent products or experiment with new ideas. An engineer will always have new opportunities and developments to make.

As we mentioned before, the career has complete training in a diversity of fields, and that is why the professional graduates with different skills for electronic engineering. Following this line, the graduate of this career has a greater facility when approaching the world of work since the possibilities of joining a job are wide.

Concerning this aspect, we can highlight as an advantage the possibility of developing in different jobs, such as in the production of goods for example. In that range, there is also the type of activities to which they may dedicate the entity offering the job for the electronic engineer.

Being a career within the engineering universe, it is considered a well-paid profession in the world of work. It also allows the professional to perform tasks for different companies simultaneously, even work for an entity, and carry out duties independently.

Among the disadvantages that may occur throughout the degree, the lack of practical subjects with certain tools stands out. Some universities dictate the career of Electronic Engineering, aiming to cultivate a greater number of concepts in the professional and end up tipping the balance for more theoretical than practical subjects. In any case, that does not happen in all educational entities. In this sense, this disadvantage will depend on the evaluation made by the student before entering the career and choosing the study plan that best suits their interests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Choose Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineering is one of the promising career prospects in today’s world with job opportunities, working conditions, and growth at maximum. With the advent of advanced technology, electrical systems and devices require expert input which a qualified engineer can bring to the table.

Why are electrical engineers important?

Electrical engineers are important because they are tasked with the responsibility of making sure devices and electrical systems are working at maximum efficiency of output utilizing optimum input. They are also important because of their role in devising possibilities of devices that could be compatible to function using energy.

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