What is the pass rate for the FE Electrical and Computer Exam?

The FE Electrical and Computer exam comprises 17 sections. Anywhere from 4-17 questions are asked from each section, adding up to a total of 110 questions for the entire exam. In this blog, we’ve compiled a table containing each section, its expected range of questions, and its perceived difficulty. Remember, the difficulty for each section will vary for every student.

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SectionQuestionsPerceived Difficulty
Probability and Statistics4-6Medium
Engineering Economics5-8Easy
Properties of Electrical Materials4-6Easy
Circuit Analysis11-17Medium
Linear Systems5-8Easy
Signal Processing5- 8Medium
Power Systems8-12Medium
Control Systems6-9Medium
Computer Networks4-6Medium
Digital Systems8-12Hard
Computer Systems5-8Medium
Software Engineering4-6

As of January 2021, the passing rate for the FE Electrical and Computer Exam was 72%. This, however, is a percentile scoring system and does not mean that all passing candidates got over 72% of the questions correct. Instead, it means that 72% of the people that took the exam on that date passed. As a guideline to aid your preparation, you should roughly aim to get at least 65-70 questions out of the 110 correct to be in a safe position for passing.

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