When to Take the FE Exam?

If you are an engineering student studying for the final years or just got your engineering degree and you are now confused about whether should I take the FE exam or not, then we have just the answer for you.

The fundamentals of Engineering exam is one thing you can put on your to-do list as it doesn’t matter at what level you are whether it’s on an undergraduate level or higher, as it is one of the exams for engineers after graduation.

Now if your questions like do I need to take the FE exam? When to take the FE exam? Is it really all worth it? Well in this article we are just here to guide you with that along with some other factors that you should keep in mind while opting for the FE exam.

So without further ado let’s get started!

Best Time to Take the FE Exam

Best Time to Take the FE Exam

Now if we talk about the best time to take the FE exam, then there are a lot of options for you. Since the FE exam is open for anyone who has enrolled in an engineering degree or has recently graduated, there are a lot of options for you to decide when exactly you want to give your exam.

Now since you have a variety of options for the time slot for taking the FE exam, you might have this question what’s the best time to take the FE exam?

Well, it totally depends on personal circumstances but statistically speaking, the best chance of success in these exams is in the senior year or right after that as in the senior year candidates would have learned about all the topics that are relevant to exams and it would be easier for them to recall everything they have learned so far.

Why Should You Take the FE Exam?

why take the FE exam

Now if your question is, why take the FE exam? Then the answer is quite simple, it gives you a lot of perks and edges over people who haven’t given the exam. Some of the perks are discussed below:

1. Proves that You Think Long-Term

An organization would always want people in the long run, while clearing the exam will give the employers an impression that in four years’ time, a PE exam is on your cards. This assures them of employee retention for at least four years.

2. High Earning Potential

Now if you are wondering, is the FE exam required? Then the answer is yes, It is a matter of fact that this exam essentially opens doors to PE licensure, increasing your earning potential. If you are someone who wants financial independence more than anything then this exam is for you.

Remember passing the FE exam is simply a required, intermediate step before becoming eligible to take pass the PE exam. Will passing the FE help you get a raise? It depends. If you are a civil engineer, it is expected for you to pass the FE exam from the very beginning of your career.

3. Professional Competency

If we talk about professionalism then every organization requires individuals with high professional and ethical standards. Continuing your education while you work and passing the FE exam will indicate that you will meet the desired standards.

Requirements to Take the FE Exam

Requirements to Take the FE Exam

Now if we talk about the requirements to take the FE exam. The eligibility requirements vary from state to state as some state boards let their students take their exam in the final year as a junior year engineering student is yet to be exposed to all the subjects and topics that are in the exam.

Meanwhile, there are some states who let candidates take the FE exam on the basis of engineering work experience despite the fact that they have not attended an approved program before in order for these candidates to pass, they must have 20 years of work experience.

In conclusion, you have multiple options while making your decision but make sure you make it wisely so your money doesn’t go to waste. You can also check our FE exam study guide for better preparation and understanding.


In this article, we discussed when to take the FE exam and what is the best time for you to take it. Furthermore, we also covered some of the benefits of this exam and how this next step will surely help you with your professional career.

Wasim Asghar – P.E, P.ENG, M.ENG

Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Florida (PE) and Ontario (P. Eng) with consulting experience in design, commissioning and plant engineering for clients in Energy, Mining and Infrastructure.