Which Calculator Should I Use for the FE Electrical and Computer Exam?

A lot of questions on the FE Electrical and Computer Exam will require you to use the FE approved calculator. Therefore, it is essential that you master the FE exam calculator you use to save as much time as possible.

Additionally, a lot of calculations, such as vectors, matrices, standard deviations, permutations, and integrals can be solved using a calculator, so it is important that you pick the right one.

The following calculators are allowed by NCEES® for the FE Exam:

Casio: All fx-115 and fx-991 Models (must have “fx-115” and “fx-991” in its model name)

Hewlett Packard: Only HP 33s and HP 35s models.

Texas Instruments: All TI-30X and TI-36X models

Although many types of calculators can be used, the popular choice among our candidates is the TI-36X Pro, and it can do all the calculations mentioned earlier. You can click this link to order a TI-36X Pro right now.

Best Calculators for FE Exam

There are a variety of calculators available on the market today that can be used for the FE exam. However, not all of these calculators are created equal or approved by the NCEES®.

The top four calculators that are approved by NCEES® and offer a range of functionality include:

1. Casio FX-115

2. Casio FX-991X

3. Texas Instruments TI-30X

4. Hewlett Packard HP 35S

While all of the above-mentioned options are the best, the Texas Instruments TI-30X and TI-36X Pro are considered the most versatile calculators for the FE exam. These calculators make solving algebraic equations, complex derivatives, and matrices super easy. To learn more about why Texas Instruments calculators are the best, check out this guide.

TI-36X Pro Functions

No doubt, the TI-36X Pro is a powerful machine. But just to give you an idea of what it can help you with, here are some of the functions that TI-36X Pro offers:

  • Vectors and Matrices
  • R-values
  • Standard Deviations and Variances

That’s not it. The TI-36X Pro offers way more functions. You can check out the details of all the TI-36X Pro calculator functions here.


The calculator you use on the FE Electrical and Computer exam is extremely important. You want to make sure you are using the correct calculator for the exam. The most common calculators used are the Casio FX-115, Casio FX-991X, Texas Instruments TI-30X – TI-36X Pro, and Hewlett Packard HP 35S.

Each of these calculators has its own strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you know how to use your calculator before taking the test.

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Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Florida (PE) and Ontario (P. Eng) with consulting experience in design, commissioning and plant engineering for clients in Energy, Mining and Infrastructure.

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