Which is the Easiest FE Exam to Pass?

If you gearing up to start your engineering career and have decided to get your PE license in the US, the FE exam is the most crucial and mandatory prerequisite to fulfill. Passing your FE exam demands dedicated efforts and a smart approach. All your investment in terms of time and effort is destined to reward you with a promising career boost later. Once you pass your FE exam, get your EIT certificate, and complete 4 years of work experience, you will be all set to go for the PE exam.

Individuals belonging to different engineering domains including electrical, civil, mechanical, etc. always find ways to ease down this initial challenge by opting for the easiest FE exam to pass. But there is too much noise and confusion when it comes to opting for the easiest FE exam, especially for those who once failed to crack their FE exam on the first attempt.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the easiest FE exam to pass that serves as the savior for anyone who finds it hard to clear the exam in their respective domains. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What Is the Best FE Exam to Take?

Best FE Exam to Take

Among all the NCEES® FE exams, the FE Other (General) exam is the easiest FE exam to pass, especially for those who are confused about choosing the right engineering domain. Specifically, if you are going to attempt your FE exam before a graduate degree, the course content of the FE Other (General) exam is designed for you.

Even the masses compare FE Other (General) exam with the rest of the engineering domains and declare it the easiest FE exam to pass.

The course content of the FE Other (General) exam below covers all the general academic topics related to mathematics, science, and engineering.

TopicsNo. of Questions
Probability and Statistics6-9
Instrumentation and Controls4-6
Engineering Ethics and Societal Impacts5-8
Safety, Health, and Environment6-9
Engineering Economics6-9
Strength of Materials9-16
Fluid Mechanics12-18
Basic Electrical Engineering6-9
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer9-14

Before finalizing your FE exam subject, it is recommended to compare the FE exam passing scores and FE exam pass rates for each engineering subject. In this regard, read our dedicated blog post about the FE exam passing scores.

How Do You Pass FE Easily?

Pass FE Easily

Even the easiest FE exam to pass like FE Other (General) needs you to focus and stay consistent in your preparation journey. It is recommended to not take any exam topic for granted and validate your study material via different online exam preparation sources.

Trying multiple mock exams before the actual FE exam is an effective way to curb your anxiety and get clear insights into your weak subject areas. It further helps you to focus more on the topics or areas that require most of your attention and efforts. Getting enrolled in any exceptional FE exam preparation course of your choice accelerates your preparation pace.

Below are some proven techniques that ensure you a maximum output of all your FE exam preparation efforts.

  • Consult Authentic Study Resources – Consult the authentic FE Exam Preparation books that cover the right course content as per the NCEES® examination criteria. It is also recommended to download the NCEES® FE Exam Preparation Handbook by logging into your NCEES® account. It further helps you in understanding the course outline, charts, formulas, etc.
  • Start Preparation Early – Keep a margin of at least 2 months while formulating your study plan and start your preparation early. You can’t rely on completing the comprehensive FE preparation without any revision. Keep space for revision and mock tests in your timeline.
  • Check the FE Exam Passing Rates – It will help you understand how much effort you need to put success in the FE exam that you chose. Compare the passing rates of your FE Exam with other engineering domains to weigh your probability of success in your upcoming NCEES® FE exam.
  • Solve Sample Test Papers – Get enrolled in our preparation courses which offer sample test papers and mini-tests at the end of each lecture and section. It helps you evaluate your knowledge right after studying the particular section of the entire course. Lastly, don’t drift away from attempting a grand mock test that covers the entire FE exam syllabus.
  • Compare your Weaknesses & Strengths – Critically evaluate the weak and strong areas of your FE exam course. It helps you channel and distributes your efforts effectively. The simple mantra of success is to focus more on weak areas.
  • Don’t Undermine Simple Mathematics – The mathematics portion, especially in the General FE exam like FE Other can either make or break your preparation. Cover all the aspects of mathematics, probability, and statistics. It will further help you in the rest of the core engineering areas of your FE exam.
  • Take a Deep Breath & Relax – Do not hassle. If you have started your preparation on time and covered all the important Fe exam topics, take time to relax before the exam. It will reboot your mind and gives you the boost you needed the most for your exam day. You can’t win a race with an occupied mind and an exhausted body.
  • Critically Analyze Each FE Exam Question – It is necessary to focus on the main theme of the FE exam questions. Use a combo of common sense and critical thinking. Do not hurry and start answering the questions just for the sake of completing the exam.
  • Get a Good Night’s Rest – Sleep is vital for your body in the same way as food and water are. Take a relaxing and at least 8 hours of sleep before the exam day. Avoid screen for 2 hours before going to your bed. Align your thoughts and relax.

At Study for FE, we offer you dedicated study material and the most relevant course content for your FE exam preparation. Our FE exam preparation course is intended to cover all FE exam domains in detail with minimum effort and time. For instance, if you are going to appear in the FE Electrical exam, you get all the relevant FE Electrical and Computer exam course topics including circuits, power systems, electromagnetism, electronics, communications, linear systems, digital systems, computer systems, mathematics, etc.


FE exam is not like any mainstream exam that you attempted in your school or college. It tests all your academic knowledge of engineering, science, and mathematics as well as problem-solving skills. The easiest FE exam to pass demands an equal amount of dedication and consistency or you end up losing chances to succeed.

The best way to prepare for any of the exams is to attend a review course, use practice exams to get familiar with the format and content of the exam, and develop a study plan that works for you.

Some students prefer to study on their own, while others find it helpful to join or form a study group. No matter which method you choose, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare so that you can feel confident and well-prepared on exam day.


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