Why Does Networking Help You Pass the PE Exam?

In this post, we discuss the influence of your networking efforts on preparing for the PE exam and some recommendations for networking while preparing for the PE Exam. Whether you are an engineering student, a graduate student, or have been employed as an engineer for years, these suggestions can help you create your engineering network while studying, which will tremendously improve your engineering community connections and job exposure.

Preparation for the PE test may be highly stressful and challenging, and you will likely want to devote as much time as possible to it. However, much is to be said about studying too much or over-preparing. Although everyone is different, many individuals have a daily limit to how much knowledge they can take.

To avoid wasting time by studying excessively and making the most of your time, it is critical to strike a good balance between learning and resting. However, isn’t it true that it’s easier said than done? We understand how difficult it might be, but employing the appropriate study plan may assist you more than simply studying for long periods.

That being said, networking or building relationships while preparing for the PE exam is an excellent method to unwind while still absorbing information. And, while the term “networking” might be intimidating to engineers and technical workers, it doesn’t have to be. On the contrary, it can be a potential game changer.

Networking is essential to every business or profession, regardless of industry. You never know when a contact will be able to supply you with a terrific resource to utilize, or some advice that worked for them while preparing for the PE Exam, or even when looking for a new position later in your career.

Strategies for Building Professional Relationships and Networking While Studying for the PE Exam

networking while preparing for the PE exam

Now that you have understood the importance of networking while preparing for the PE exam and your professional career in general let us now look at the different strategies and methods you can employ to network with your co-workers or community members while studying for the PE exam:

  1. Utilize Social Media
  2. Build Networking with Your Colleagues Through Study Groups
  3. Seek Out a Mentor Within Your Company
  4. Participate in Professional Association Events

1. Utilize Social Media

Social networks are an excellent method to identify other engineering practitioners in your region who are studying for or have successfully passed the PE test, whom you can invite into your group or ask for coaching from.

2. Build Networking with Your Colleagues Through Study Groups

Like many others, employees in the engineering industry tend to shift around. Therefore, early connections may prove beneficial later in your career since someone starting in consultancy may transfer to the government sector.

Maintain as many personal ties with co-workers as possible, and connect with everyone you have a professional relationship with on LinkedIn to assist in keeping track of everyone.

Making a PE study group with your co-workers is a terrific approach to starting these relationships. Supporting each other in preparation for one of your career’s most important days will undoubtedly strengthen your bonds.

3. Seek Out a Mentor Within Your Company

Once you have started preparing for your PE exam, try searching for a mentor or senior member within the organization who has already cleared the exam. Ask one of them for a one-on-one lunch or coffee to learn from their PE exam experience and what they did do after passing the PE exam.

If they are busy, schedule a time to meet with them at their office. They will most likely be able to give you the guidance you can learn from or link you with someone who may be the right match, and you will, of course, be developing a network that will benefit your career.

4. Participate in Professional Association Events

While studying for the PE exam, be active in your professional societies. Attend the regular check-ins and keep the relationships going. Socializing offers counseling and support and may provide the emotional lift you require.

The PE test will give a great topic of conversation and will assist you in finding additional individuals to join your PE exam prep group or seek mentoring. Please make a point of getting contact details from everybody you meet and following up with them.


Networking while preparing for the PE exam is not only a necessity but also a need of the hour. Because not only networking and getting to know engineering professionals around you help you prepare for your PE exam, but this will also positively impact your professional career.

These networking and socializing opportunities sometimes transform into professional opportunities for career growth and new job prospects as well.

Therefore, get out there, take the leap, and connect with the engineering professionals around you, especially those who are about to take their PE exam and are suitable to include in your study groups.

Best of Luck for this Wonderous Journey Ahead!


Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Florida (PE) and Ontario (P. Eng) with consulting experience in design, commissioning and plant engineering for clients in Energy, Mining and Infrastructure.