FE Electrical and Computer Engineer Exam tips for repeaters

Ideally, we all want to pass every test in first attempt whether it is driving license (failed three times to before I got driver’s license) or PE license for obvious reasons. However, failures are encountered along the way before reaching goals by every successful individual or company. The important thing…

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FE Electrical tips if you are taking exam next month

If you are one month away from taking the FE Electrical and Computer Engineering exam it would be a good idea to do a strength/weakness analysis of different sections and focus the remaining time and effort accordingly. One suggestion would be to make sure that you don’t miss out on…

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FE Exam VS PE Exam

Based on my experience (passed FE CBT Electrical & Computer in Oct 2014 and PE Power in April 2015) FE and PE exams are challenging in their own respects. PE exam is more focused as it tests you on a particular area of specialization due to which some of the…

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