PE Power Sample Problem 1

A 13.2∠0° kV line serves a three-phase, 500 kVA load. The power factor of the load is 0.85 leading. What is the load's line to neutral impedance?
(A) 295.8 + 𝑗183.4 Ω
(B) 512.3 − 𝑗317.7 Ω
(C) 295.8 − 𝑗183.4 Ω
(D) 512.3 + 𝑗317.7 Ω

Wasim Asghar – P.E, P.ENG, M.ENG

Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Florida (PE) and Ontario (P. Eng) with consulting experience in design, commissioning and plant engineering for clients in Energy, Mining and Infrastructure.