PE Electrical and Computer Power Exam

PE Electrical and Computer: Power Exam Preparation Guidelines

  • PE Power exam is very different from FE exam because FE exam tests you on the breadth of your knowledge whereas PE Power exam gauges the depth of your understanding. While preparing for FE Exam you have to face the challenges of preparing for a large number of unrelated topics such as electronics, ethics, communication, software. PE Power exam preparation is easier in this sense because you build on what you learn. For instance, learning per unit system will help you perform short circuit calculations etc. In short, every topics of PE Exam is related to some other topic in one way or another.
  • Failure rate is higher on PE Power exam as compared to FE Electrical and Computer exam. It may be partially due to students taking PE Power exam being out of school much longer than those who take FE Electrical and Computer exam.
  • PE Power exam is not always plug and play– A fair number of FE exam problems maybe plug and play i.e. as long as you have a basic understanding of the concept and know which formula to apply from the NCEES Reference Handbook more often than not you could solve the problem right away. For PE Power exam plug and play will be an exception rather than norm. They expect you to know fine details of important concepts and will ensure that at least some of the questions are not simple giveaways.
  • Reference material can be boon or curse– As much as it seems to be helpful, relying too heavily on reference material can be counter-productive. In this day and age if you give infinite time to almost any one in order to solve a problem he/she will probably get you the answer eventually. But this approach cannot work for PE Power exam because we have a time constraint i.e. 80 questions need to be answered in 8 hours. You’ll find people complaining about shortage of time on PE Power Exam more than FE Exam. So, the moral of the story is that you need to be efficient and very familiar with your references.
  • Study Guide for PE Electrical and Computer – Power. The content of this study guide is specially developed to assist students in building knowledge base for quantitative and qualitative exam-style questions. Students will find relevant formulas, code references and explanations as part of detailed solutions in this Study Guide for PE Power. Topic specific tips are also included at the beginning of each chapter. Target audience of this book includes recent graduates as well as seasoned professionals who have been out of school for some time.
  • PE Electrical and Computer Power exam will teach you a lot– I learned more while preparing for PE Exam than I did in my graduate studies  in Power Systems. Also, I enjoyed preparing for PE Power Exam more than FE Electrical and Computer exam. It is very relevant to what we do at work and helped me refresh the fundamentals. I hope you will be able to look at this exam not necessarily as a burden but also an opportunity to hone your skills.