Study For FE Advantage


Guided Exam Preparation

FE Electrical and Computer Engineering exam will test you on almost entire coursework of 4 years undergraduate studies. The breadth of topics captured by the 18 sections of latest NCEES CBT specification can be very challenging.

In order to provide students a streamlined approach to FE Electrical and Computer exam preparation, all exam preparation resources offered here are especially designed to provide a well structured exam preparation framework.

Problem-based Learning

Practice is the key to success. As such, the focus of all three study resources (book, online lectures and workshops) is widely adopted technique called ‘Problem-based Learning’. The underlying principle is learning by doing which allows the students to apply learned concepts and identify mistakes right away.

Time management strategies

Time management is challenging while preparing for FE Electrical and Computer exam as well as during the actual exam. You will be encouraged to develop familiarity with NCEES FE Reference Handbook which is the only resource available for use on the exam day. Additionally, time-efficient problem solving techniques are also presented.